Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dreams Really Do Come True

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I wish I was one of those people who wakes up remembering every single detail of my dreams, but I'm not. To be honest, I can't even remember that last dream I actually had. Although I can't remember them, I know that all of us dream whenever we're asleep. What is the purpose of these dreams- to simply entertain our subconscious while we are sleeping, the bring our worries to life, to creatively express what we wish we could say aloud? Although I do not know the exact purpose, I do believe that dreaming is important in life. Not only dreaming while we are asleep, but connecting our hopes and desires in daily life with what we can call waking dreams.

A lot of times we attribute a sense of impossibility to our waking dreams. We believe that they simply exist as a fantasy, and do not actually take the steps we are likely capable of in order to achieve them. Dreams should not be unattainable. In fact, I truly believe that any dream is perfectly within reach. All you have to do is believe that you can/will do whatever possible to get there.

I dream of having an incredible relationship with the Lord.
I dream of having a loving, devoted family.
I dream of success. What is success? Who knows. 
I dream of experiencing a miracle.
I dream of seeing the world.
I dream of taking advantage of every single day.
I dream of making lifelong friendships.
I dream of learning to love unconditionally.

So what do you dream for? No matter what it may be, know that it IS possible. And also remember, our waking dreams do not define us.. they simply propel us to a live a life fulfilled.
Happy sunday :)

"And the Lord said to them, “Now listen to what I say:
“If there were prophets among you,I, the Lord, would reveal myself in visions. I would speak to them in dreams."
Numbers 12:6



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