Bucket List

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I decided to make a (continually updated) bucket list for things I want to do/see/accomplish in life. Follow me and my life journey as I try to cross them all off! :)

1. Start a blog! : January 2011- See my first post here.
2. Graduate high school : Forest Hills Northern High School, May 2010
2. Pledge a sorority : Alpha Chi Omega, September 2010
3. Get my writing published : The Forum Newspaper, October 2010
4. Intern at a magazine in NYC or Chicago (double points for Seventeen): SUMMER 2012, Food Network Magazine
5. Graduate college
6. Rent my first apartment: May 8, 2012
7. Spend time living in a big city
8. Travel through Europe
9. Fall in love
10. Start and continue an incredible family
11. Go up in a hot air balloon
12. Witness a miracle (cliché, I know)
13. Meet a celebrity : Hilary Duff, Dakota Fanning, Alec Baldwin
14. Front row at a music concert
15. Get published in a national magazine: The Lyre Magazine (2 Issues)
16. Work full-time for a national magazine
17. Own a beach house in Rosemary Beach, Florida.
18. Run a 5K.
19. Run a 10k.

Hey, they call them big dreams for a reason, right?
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