Friday, January 27, 2012

Shaping My Destiny

Pin It Now! Today was just one of those days... one of those days when even a pick-me-up and a good friend just can't quite do the trick. So where do I turn?

Pinterest. If you haven't logged on, please spare yourself a few hours and explore. Such a time-sucker but so worth it. It's like you can plan your whole life through online photos! :) Here is what I came across today:

Sometimes we all need a beautiful reminder that we are loved. We don't have to...

Live up to anything.
Be anyone else.
Compromise our own natural beauty.
Forget that we are special and unique.

Everyone is loved by someone. Whether that be God, the family and friends in your life, or the very author of the post... you are valued and deserve the world.

Never forget...
you are loved.

In other news, guess where I am off to tomorrow morning!?

An Alpha Chi Omega Leadership Convention in Indianapolis, IN! As Vice President Chapter Relations & Standards, I get to meet hundreds of other Alpha Chi women this weekend at a professional conference in a hotel downtown!

Can you say AWESOME?

I'm so excited for banquets, shopping, networking, meeting so many incredible women and truly being thrown into one of my first professional "workplace" settings!

I'll be blogging about it all weekend, as well as writing for Alpha Chi... so STAY TUNED!

"Let everything that has life and breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord."
Psalm 150:6



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