Monday, February 7, 2011

A New Life

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Feel like you are running on empty?

Are you looking for new life? Do you need a fresh outlook, a new perspective, a sense of motivation? Winter can be depressing... little sunlight, cold weather, sickness, and the mundane routine we get settled into. Spring is coming eventually... but the road to get there is long and far-off.

So how can we avoid settling in? How do we avoid being comfortable with the mundane?

First, we need to rely on God to remain spiritually full. Only he can satisfy our need for happiness, relationship, and love. Second, I encourage you to push yourself to try something new and take risks. Enjoy the company of those you love. Take advantage of the days you can find comfort with a cup of coffee, a great romantic comedy, and a warm blanket. Winter can be a great time to try new things, to rekindle relationships, and to relax without pressure to be outdoors all the time. I will be taking my winter "alone" time to further my relationship with Jesus Christ. I finally have some time to read the bible, journal, and ask myself some serious personal questions. 

So whatever you need to do this winter to keep things exciting... do it. But in the meantime, only a few months until spring! Hang in there. :)

"My flesh and my heart may fail, 
but God is the strength of my heart
and my portion forever."

Psalm 73:26



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