Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Impatience seek Patience?

Pin It Now! Lord, please help me be patient now. I need to learn to appreciate the current moment. I need your help and direction now, at this very second. We all do it- doesn't it sound a bit demanding? Don't get me wrong- prayer is an awesome thing... but do we get so caught up asking for things right away, that we forget that prayer can be about the long-term just as much as it is about the short-term. Can prayer be about developing your relationship with the Lord as opposed to just asking him for things? Can it be about learning to lean on him for things we aren't sure of- can it mean being patient in waiting for his promises. Absolutely, prayer can be about anything you want it to be.

I am guilty of being one of those people obsessed with the future. I worry about what my life will look like in 5 years, I worry about what my weekend plans are going to be... I sometimes even worry about what I might be having for lunch tomorrow. Crazy, but true. Why do we do that to ourselves? It seems like a lot of impractical anxiety to me. Why worry about something that hasn't even happened yet? 

I think it's because most of us want to know we are in control- we want to be comfortable in the security of our thoughts, actions, and emotions. Today I encourage you to let that future anxiety go- focus on appreciating today, recognizing each individual moment and thanking God for how special each second is. If we focused our energy on what we are doing now- we may have far fewer problems in the future (funny how that works, huh?) :)

"This means that God’s holy people must endure persecution patiently, obeying his commands and maintaining their faith in Jesus."
Revelation 14:12



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