Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fun at Work

Pin It Now! Happy Saturday! :)

I do love the weekends. My family is always so relaxed and everyone around me seems to be in a better mood. Even people who come to the restaurant... they are (more-than-usual) excited for their carb-loads of mac n' cheese and flat bread. And I can't help but smile right back.

Don't you love it when a positive mood is infectious? Sometimes, I just wish that it could always be this way. That I could always catch other people's positive energy and use it in my own life.

I wish optimism was contagious. How cool would that be?

This morning... wow that seems like a long time ago... I woke up as usual to puppy time. I can't even imagine waking up everyday in a few weeks without her to cuddle with in the morning. I can't imagine not having her to chew on my sweatpants for an hour while I sit with my coffee and the Today Show. Can you say rude awakening?

I got a little treadmill time in- 30 minutes seems just right to me. Enough time to watch most of an episode of One Tree Hill with a little extra time built in after I'm done to cool down on the couch. It's enough to get my body moving but not too much to tire me out.

Do you have a workout routine? I know it's beneficial to switch it up with all different kinds of exercise, but it just seems so easy to stick with what works. What are your thoughts?

After that it was work time! Some days I am dragging myself out the door while others seem like a piece of cake- today was sort of in between. Once I get to the restaurant though, I always get a second wind and I am (generally) happy to be there! I got home around 6:30 and settled down with my computer, decaf, and a few chick flicks for the night. Made myself some fun, fresh yogurt layers :)

As a general goal, I'm trying to be more positive about the little things in life. I'm trying to be more flexible, more personable, more optimistic, and just plain happier. I am just so serious sometimes- and I think that affects my ability to sit back and enjoy life. And what's more important than enjoying life- not much.

Be happy today. Be optimistic. Be open. Be loving. Be you.

"For when I am weak, then I am strong."
2 Corinthians 12:10



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