Monday, October 31, 2011

Birthday Recap and Finding Peace

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Birthday weekend 2011—such a great few days. What's not to love about birthdays, families, shopping, good food, hugs, tears and laughs? A quick recap:
I spent the day on Saturday with my best friend, my mom. :) We started at my house for a parents brunch where she met and mingled with my friends (and hers). We then took a walk around campus so she could get a feel for 'college game day.' Always quite a scene—there's nothing like Ann Arbor on a football Saturday. After, we of course spent the afternoon wandering around the mall, had lunch with great friends and then came back to the house for presents.
Let it be known that I insisted on no presents this year- but my mom stubbornly resists.
On Sunday after church, my grandparents drove into town to take me to an incredible Olive Garden lunch. I tell you what—unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks is pure genius. I showed them a little of Ann Arbor and took them on a house tour. And to wrap it all up, we took pictures on the porch... a necessity for all my guests.

It was an incredible weekend. Thank you to all those who made me smile, I am so blessed with incredible friends and family.

Today, I came across something pretty cool that is pretty relevant in my own life and I thought I would share.
I'm always worried about so many different things in life—getting good grades, fitting in, keeping up my appearance, finding my niche—and I often forget that everyone else is going through the exact same thing. Life will never be (and was never meant to be) perfect or easy. There will always be things to test us and challenge us. Instead of letting these things drive us crazy, it's important to look at the bigger picture. Do these little things really matter? If we can find peace and comfort in the midst of struggle, isn't that the only thing that matters?

I encourage you to step back. Look for peace in the midst of struggle, not outside it. It's here waiting for you... and when you find it, you will feel the difference.

Besides being Halloween, it is also the day before my big 31 DAY CHALLENGE! Are any of you joining me? I would love some support :) It will not only make me think about being a better person in everyday life, but it will also encourage me to post every day! Check back in tomorrow to see what I'm going to cross off the list!

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed."
Psalms 34:18



  1. love this :) hope you had a fantastic birthday dear!

  2. Hope you had an awesome birthday! Love the quote!


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