Thursday, October 27, 2011

Take My 31 Day Challenge!

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It's almost November... which also means it's almost my birthday! :) I will be 19 in 2 days, so old. So in the spirit of November, I am starting a 31 Day Challenge and I hope you can join me!

That's right, 31 Days to be a Better Person. Seems easy, right? Wrong. It's going to be hard- but oh so worth it. So where do we even start? I've put together a checklist of 31 things I want to do in the month of November (hopefully one each day) that will help me learn to put others above myself. I know this should be a year-long thing, but you have to start somewhere. So here it is:

1. Buy someone a cup of coffee.
2. Write someone an actual snail-mail letter to remind them how much I appreciate them.
3. Spend alone time with the bible.
4. Volunteer my time for someone other than myself.
5. Actually listen to my friends' problems.
6. Smile at everyone I see walking to class.
7. Give someone a hug for no reason.
8. Deliver a baked good to someone having a rough day.
9. Give up Facebook for an entire day.
10. Leave an extra large tip for a waitress.
11. Learn something new- challenge myself.
12. Boot all of my self-conscious thoughts and stress out of my mind for a day.
13. Treat myself to my favorite foods, without feeling guilty at all.
14. Be 100% honest for an entire day.
15. Say Thank You and really mean it.
16. Find a way to be generous and selfless at the same time.
17. Reach out to my church community and get more involved.
18. Let another driver 'cut me off' or sneak in line, just because.
19. Reflect on how lucky I am and what an incredible life I have been blessed with.
20. Eat from a local restaurant, grocery market, etc.
21. Spend some time complimenting myself.
22. Think only positive thoughts for an entire day.
23. Find ways to laugh and relax, reduce the pressure I put on myself to be perfect.
24. Forgive someone and move on from disagreement.
25. Drink more water- take care of myself!
26. Go to bed really really early, and wake up feeling refreshed.
27. Take nothing but the stairs and walk everywhere for a day.
28. Wake up a few minutes early to stretch and get ready for the day in peace.
29. Include someone who may not have plans to a gathering or meal.
30. Invite someone to church or YoungLife.
31. Spend a day being entirely thankful.

Whew- there it is. Wow, that might actually be a lot harder than I anticipated. But that's why I have you to help! Whether you follow my list or make your own, I encourage you to join in. Small steps are sometimes all it takes to make a difference.
"Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ."
Romans 5:1



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