Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Finding Warmth In A Blizzard


I woke up this morning to several things.
1. An extremely cold dorm room.
2. A wealth of Facebook statuses bragging about snow days across the midwest. Yes, every school except U of M. Awesome.
3. A long, cold, windy walk across campus to my 9 am spanish class.
4. An extremely small cup of coffee, because that's all I had time to brew.

What a morning. And yet, I can't help but smile. Yes, I do have class today, I do have to walk outside in the midst of a blizzard, I do have homework and projects to worry about... but yet, snow is so beautiful. I am not one to like the cold weather(believe me I will be the first to admit that I would rather be inside next to a fireplace than outside in the snow), but there is something so special about watching the snow fall- from inside. 

So my message for today is to make the best out of bad situations. Sometimes we can't help what happens to us in life. Good or bad, things happen. All we can do is face everything with a smile and take advantage of the challenges and obstacles that God puts in front of us (because despite what we believe, there is a reason that everything happens). Watch the snow fall, relish the comfort of the indoors (be thankful you have a warm place to be), and curl up with a good book/movie and a cup of french vanilla cappuccino. Believe me, that's what I will be doing once class is done for the day. Have a great day!

"Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his. He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him."
Daniel 2:20-22



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