Friday, March 18, 2011

Never Settle.

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Late night for me tonight... I had a long day, so my post is coming down to the the last couple of minutes left for friday! :) I encourage you to tackle this post with an open heart, as it is one of my favorite things to talk about.

DON'T SETTLE. You are worth THE WORLD. You deserve greatness.
When we think of 'settling,' it is common to think in romantic relationship terms. We are constantly told to be patient- that the right guy/girl will simply come along when the time is right. We are told that we deserve someone as great (if not greater) than we are. We are told that settling for the 'less than perfect' is simply not an option. 

I will be the first to admit that I am not patient. Yes, I am trying to work on it... and it has gotten better, but I still find myself asking God why Mr. Right hasn't simply waltzed right up and introduced himself? If I truly desire someone to share my life with, someone to connect with, someone to challenge and promote my spiritual growth, why doesn't God just make it happen?

It doesn't work that way I guess. 
I am going to have to wait it out... It might be better that way- because when I actually find him it will be that much greater, that much sweeter.

I know that my time will come...and I can't wait to meet the lucky guy who gets to spend eternity with me :) Isn't he so lucky? I keep having to remind myself how special I am- how I do deserve someone that will make me a better person, someone that will love me for being me and no one else, someone that loves me back and will do anything for me. I deserve someone who will wake up in the morning and smile while making my coffee.

I encourage you to remind yourself not to settle- the right guy will come along. You are worth so much more than second-best. The wait will be worth it, I promise. If you are already lucky enough to have him- remind him how thankful you are for him and continue to give thanks to the one and only for blessing you with someone so special.

"How beautiful you are, my darling, how beautiful! Your eyes are like doves."
Song of Solomon 1:15



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