Friday, April 29, 2011

Classic Beauty.

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Sorry I have been a little lax the past few days.. guess the summer vacation mindset hit me a little harder than I anticipated. Anyway- back to your inspiration!

It's only fitting that today's post has something to do with the Royal Wedding (seeing how that is all I have seen on television for the PAST WEEK).

Yes- Kate's dress was absolutely beautiful. It was classic but modern, modest but a little sexy, and very fitting. Inspired by Kate and William, today's post is about treasuring beautiful moments. For me, there are very few events more beautiful than a wedding. Something about the elegance and beauty of weddings gets me every time. I think the promises that weddings stand for are extremely sacred and beautiful.

I promise to live by your side for a lifetime.Is there anything more genuine or beautiful?

It is important for us to remember to treasure those beautiful moments in life. The moments that we make lifelong promises. The moments we agree to give our hearts to others. The moments we promise to love another person as much as we love ourselves.

Although I haven't been married yet... I truly hope that my wedding day is beautiful, inspiring, and very emotional. I know I will be crying my eyes out and an absolute emotional mess. It will, hopefully, be the greatest day of my life.

Remember your wedding? Did you plan for months/years? Was it everything you hope for- and more? What was the absolute best moment of the day?

Treasure those memories... They are once in a lifetime.

"Most importantly, love each other deeply, because love will cause many sins to be forgiven."
1 Peter 4:8



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