Saturday, April 30, 2011


Pin It Now! I hide from others. I hide from myself. I hide from the truth. I hide from reality.

I hide insecurity.
I hide deceit and hate.
I hide trouble and instability.
I hide doubt.

I hide imperfection.

Everyone has something to hide- as much as we may try to deny it, we all have something in life that we are 'ashamed' of. We all carry something within us that we believe is better kept inside than shared with others. We all carry doubts and insecurities- and what is funny, is that despite the fact that we all do it (we all put our hands in front of our faces sometimes) we think we are all alone.

Here's the truth- we all hide. But what are we really so afraid of? Ae we afraid to let people in? Are we afraid to let people know that we are insecure and unsure? Are we afraid to open ourselves up to hurt and failure?

For me, life has always been a never-ending battle with myself. Sometimes, I hide what I am truly feeling/thinking for fear that it will lead to something far more dangerous. I have the habit of hiding my emotions- and doing it rather easily/without notice. I encourage you to evaluate what you are hiding in life. Who are you hiding it from- and wouldn't it just be so great to let it all go?

So here it is... here's what I am hiding.

I am not perfect. I will never be perfect. I am scared. I wish I could be 100% sure about my future. I dread making mistakes. I long for true love.

"Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word."
Psalm 119:114


ps. a 'lighter' post for tomorrow- I promise. :)


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