Monday, April 4, 2011


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Have you found your 'place' in life? Do you still feel lost- like there is nowhere you truly fit in or people you really connect with? Are you blessed with an incredible community, great friends, strong faith, and countless blessings and opportunities?
"Follow your PASSION, find your PLACE"

It's hard to believe that we all have a specific 'place' where we fit in life. Is it possible to have several different places, several groups of friends, a few places where you feel totally comfortable and at peace?

I sure hope so.

Yesterday, I started thinking about how truly blessed I am to have found a community at U of M. I was not the most outgoing person in high-school, and have been known to value alone time and family a lot... (but that's NOT always a bad thing). However, coming to school, I was a little nervous about having to start from ground zero and make new friends. I was lost without the people I had grown up around, the people that knew me, the people I trusted and depended on. Despite this anxiety, I truly did find INCREDIBLE people, organizations, and community at U of M (surprising how fast I did it too, considering how HUGE the campus is). I thank the LORD for making me outgoing, encouraging me in the first few months of school to pursue new friendships, new activities, and new passions. It is through him that I found friendships in my sorority, Younglife, and all over campus.

Only he could give me such an incredible first year of school. How am I truly this blessed? :)

Are you blessed with an incredible community- if so, let them know! If you are still searching, don't give up hope... they are out there!

"But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. Do not fear what they fear, do not be frightened. Take Courage."
1 Peter 3:14



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