Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bicycle Wheels Turning.

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Do you ever get so caught up in life that you forget that it keeps moving? Do you get lost in individual moments- forgetting that they all string together in one cohesive unit that we call life?

No matter what we may want- time doesn't stop. 
Life moves all around us.
Sometimes we just have to keep moving. Sometimes we just have to realize that moving is what keeps us sane. Moving helps life make sense.

Moving, enduring life, recognizing pain and hardship, and struggling through hard times makes life great. When I think of the times in life where I feel most balanced, I can't pinpoint specific moments or days. I think of periods of times, months or years of great moments and memories.

I think of lengths of prosperity.

Could it be true that moving- acknowledging life as a continuous struggle- helps us feel strong, healthy, and successful? Because we accept that we can't stop time, we realize that moving is simply more beneficial. 

I encourage you to think of life as a continuous movement of both great and awful moments. Sure, there are periods of life that are going to suck. But there are also periods of life that are going to make you feel like you are floating on clouds.

It's important that we remember that moving forward in life is natural. Moving forward helps us grow.

"The righteous keep moving forward, and those with clean hands become stronger and stronger.”
Job 17:9



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