Sunday, June 5, 2011

To Wish I Was Little Again :)

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Happy Sunday! 
Sundays have to be my favorite day of the week for a few reasons... I always feel a strong sense of accomplishment (just getting through another week, i guess?), I usually get to sleep in a little bit, my family is usually in a very good, relaxed mood (and we are all together for dinner- rare occasion), and I love digging into my Bible for some scripture and alone time. Although I really should devote more time to my spiritual life throughout the entirety of the week, it is always so easy to be excited about it on Sunday!

This morning, I got up to a quiet house. My dad had left for MVP to run a volleyball tournament, and my mom and sister had left for downtown for her volleyball tournament (STATE CHAMPS- if I can brag a little bit). I made some coffee, had a few animal crackers and hung out with my puppy for a while. Mornings seem to be Addie-Meaghan time. So nice. :)

Then... time for WORK! Apparently, lunch time at Noodles & Co. on Sunday is like a daycare feeding time!! There were so many little kids that came through our restaurant today! It made me realize how much I truly love little kids. The way they are so carefree about everything. The way they look up to their parents with such respect and love. The way they are so excited to say hi or hand you a credit card. 

And my absolute favorite of the day...the way they look you at when you put a big bowl of mac and cheese in front of them. I loved watching the little kids and the families from the 'church rush' at work today. It made me truly appreciate the beauty of family and friends. There is nothing more intimate than sharing a meal with someone- or so I have been told :)It is so nice to see happy people, who are more than willing to treat you well and enjoy good food. 

So much love and happiness at the restaurant today- and who said jobs were supposed to be boring and depressing??

When I got home from work I made some oatmeal raisin cookie dough(a little after-work sugar/energy rush was needed), and then took a nap until hamburgers were ready for dinner! Also, my favorite summer meal! After dinner, we took Addie for a car ride and settled in to watch The Next Food Network Star (my mom and I's guilty pleasure).

I hope you had an incredible, blessed Sunday as well. Everyone deserves days where things just seem to 'go right.'

"He lifted the needy out of their affliction and increased their families like flocks."
Psalms 107:41



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