Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 6- I Didn't Forget!

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My source of inspiration for tonight- multiple cups of coffee. Don't you just love the power of coffee sometimes? When there is still a paper left to write and it's already 11:19 pm... I turn to the coffeemaker. :) It may be a late night. It was worth it though- I spent the weekend at home enjoying my family, my puppy, a nice big bed, and time with my mom—couldn't ask for a more prefect weekend. I am already counting down the days to Thanksgiving break.

Is it here yet? Not quite. I'm a few huge assignments and exams away, but the end of the semester is in sight. We are even starting to plan our schedules for next semester!

It's Day 6- don't worry... I may be posting late- but I didn't forget about my pledge!

18. Let another driver 'cut me off' or sneak in line, just because.

On the drive back to school this morning, I focused on letting go of normal road rage. Being a kind, considerate driver is so much harder than you would think. I had to force myself to keep letting people sneak in line and not letting my highway anger get the best of me. In the end, it forced me to focus on what really mattered, the fact that I was fortunate enough to be driving back to another home in my own car. How am I so blessed?

Are you plagued with road rage? Why do you let it get the best of you? Would it really make that big of a difference to let another driver in?

If we were all more considerate of each other on the road, less driven to push others out of the way so that we can make it there fastest, willing to step back and slow down... maybe our roads would be a lot safer and a lot more stress-free.

I encourage you to try it. Being kind will truly set you free.

I apologize for the brief post tonight- but more work calls. Good night/morning! :)

"To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice."
Proverbs 21:3
And more coffee fun...


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