Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 28- Living and Learning

Pin It Now! What am I going to do without my 31 Day Challenge :) in a few days? It's been so nice to have something to inspire me each day, I think it might be hard to go back to normal blog posting for a while...

But for today- another one bites the dust!
11. Learn something new- challenge myself.

Wouldn't it be great if we could challenge ourselves to learn something new each and every day? The truth is, you learn a lot more every day than you can actually remember.

I consider living in general as one big lesson, you are always learning more about yourself and the world around you with each passing day.

Today was my first day as a 'nanny'... and what an experience it was! 

I picked up the three kids at school (a girl in 6th grade and a boy and girl set of twins in 4th grade) and took them all to get their hair cut. Sitting in the waiting room, it was time to conjure some sort of entertainment... we turned to magazines and lollipops (always a kid's best friend). This was probably what I was most nervous about- being the adult supervisor of the hair cuts as well as the one in charge of keeping them entertained. Luckily, no problems here... the styles were all pretty basic trims and we left the salon without any bumps or bruises.

After, we sat in the car for a few minutes while the kids munched on a few after school snacks (which their mother referred to as their source of sanity). Once they were happy and fed, and after listening to a little Justin Bieber in the car, they were off to Mathnesium (a math learning center). Mom, if you are reading this... thanks for realizing that kids really don't need to be in school longer than they are in school. They looked less than enthused to spend another hour after school doing math problems :(

Lesson of the day- don't be so afraid of new experiences. On my first day as a stand in mom, I did pretty well! We made it to all of our stops in one piece, everyone was happy, and all went smoothly :)
My inspiration for my first day as a 'soccer mom' (two of the kids actually play soccer, ha):

I hope they made you laugh a little :)
And just to be clear... I'm not a mom yet- just a stand in. Not quite ready for that much responsibility!

"For whatever was written was given to us for our learning, that through patience and comfort of the scriptures we might have hope."
Romans 15:4



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